Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Blog


Hello everyone! I have started a new blog on tumblr focused on my experiences in school. I hope you are interested and add my feed to your rss reader!


Friday, May 01, 2009

Eastward Bound

In the five months since I've blogged, a lot has changed with my family. At the time I wrote my last blog in early January, I was finishing up applications to business school. I've since been accepted and chosen to attend MIT in their Leaders for Global Operations Program. We will be moving out to the Cambridge area of Boston later this month and the program starts in June.

It is, obviously, a big change for us. Both of us have lived in Indiana our entire life (including growing up, college, internships, and employment), and it is time for a change for our family. We have both worked at the same employer since we graduated college, too.

Our little boy is not so little anymore. He is now nine months and so much fun. We were blessed that not only was I able to have a three month maternity leave but Chris took a paternity leave from months three to six. He really enjoyed his special time, and I encourage other families to look into this option too.

January, he returned to work and our son started at daycare. It was a tough decision for us but we felt it was the right one for us, and knew that if it wasn't working out, we would change it. Our primary caregivers were Katie and Sherry, and they were awesome. I won't get into every instance, but in particular I appreciated how they made a CD of the digital pictures they took over his four months with them. We liked the larger, child care setting because they have people to give breaks and do lots of fun and educational programs. Also, Katie told us a bit about what they have to do to get an accreditation by the NAEYC, and its pretty extensive. We are looking into NAEYC accredited facilities near our new home too.

So, we both worked until two weeks ago when I stopped working to have some time with our boy and a 'break' before school. I don't think its been much of a break - but it would have been even more unmanageable if I kept working while our house was on the market. It took about a month to get our house cleaned up enough to put on the market, then daily work to keep it cleaned and staged for visitors. There are also a zillion things towards the transition as well. Forms, applications, packing, etc...and getting rid of stuff. Unlike others, I do not find shedding excess belongings to be liberating, but I'm happy to have sold/given away for reuse, recycled, or given to Goodwill lots of our unneeded goods. We will still have way too much stuff when we move into our apartment that is less than half the size for more than our mortgage payment. :)

In addition, another exciting thing going on is that my best friend since fifth grade, Sarah, is *finally* getting married. She has started and completed her PhD in Chemistry since she got engaged... which puts her at a solid six and a half year engagement to Mr. Adam.

A big life change has been a nice opportunity to get in touch with people I haven't talked to in a while either. Lots of lunches, dinners, and emails with friends have been nice. It is/will be/has been hard to say goodbye to people. I hope that many of them are 'see you later'.

More news and updates later.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I'm not sure what this year will entail for my family, but I look forward to growing together and changing together.

Last year was great with the welcoming of our son and many other friends through births, weddings, etc.

What will be for 2009?